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Zhangzhou Pearl won the title of "2016 Golden Bull Award of Listed Companies"

2018-09-250 02:08
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On August 15, the 19th China-listed company Golden Bull Awards sponsored by China Securities Journal was held in Guiyang. The event selection committee consists of well-known experts, authoritative media professionals and senior market investors, and is committed to building the most credible listed company authority awards in the capital market. Zhangzhou Mingzhu Plastics Co., Ltd. (stock code 002108) stood out among more than 3,000 A-share listed companies with its standardized operation management, continuous profitability, excellent growth and stable return on investment, and successfully entered the “2016 Golden Bull Investment Value”. The “Top 150” enterprise won the title of “2016 Golden Bull Award for Listed Companies”.
The company that was short-listed in the “2016 Golden Bull Investment Value 150” is a high recognition and recognition of the company's business performance, corporate governance, information disclosure, and investor relations management. In the future, the company will continue to work hard, develop and innovate, continuously enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness, and return the majority of investors with good performance.
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