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The third anniversary of the opening of the B building, the second phase of the work to help the business city to undertake

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2018-09-250 02:07
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The3rdAnniversaryofthePearlCityTradeCity,theopeningoftheBboutiqueclothingcityandtheopeningceremonyofthePearlInternationalTradeCitywereheld. OnAugust30th,the3rdAnniversaryofDongzhuGroupMingzhuTradeCity
The 3rd Anniversary of the Pearl City Trade City, the opening of the B boutique clothing city and the opening ceremony of the Pearl International Trade City were held.
On August 30th, the 3rd Anniversary of Dongzhu Group Mingzhu Trade City, the opening of Pearl Boutique Clothing City and the opening ceremony of Mingzhu International Trade City (Phase II) were held in the East Square of Block B of the Trade City. More than 600 Beijing boutique clothing manufacturers have entered the business city block B as a whole, and attracted nearly 1,000 Beijing merchants to visit Zhangzhou. Leaders of relevant departments of the Beijing-Guangdong reconciliation work, Yu Guiting, Chairman of Dongsu Group, Zhao Ruqi, General Manager, Yang Chongrong, General Manager of Trade City, and representatives from merchants, logistics, banks, etc. participated in the event.
Zhao Ruqi, general manager of Dongsu Group, first expressed his welcome and gratitude to the leaders and guests attending the ceremony. He said that Dongsu Group took the opportunity of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative development of national strategy as an opportunity to integrate and upgrade the high-quality resources of Beijing garment industry by taking over the non-capital core functional industries, and set up design, research and development, production and processing, and warehousing in China. A new modern business operation mode integrating logistics, wholesale and retail, e-commerce, entertainment and leisure, to create a modern commercial and trade base with international influence and domestic first-class. The opening of the B-seat boutique city and the launch of the Pearl International Trade City today are not only another glorious moment for Dongsu to undertake the work, but also a promotion and promotion of the overall garment industry chain in Beijing. With the continuous deepening of the undertaking work, more merchants will be attracted to Ganzhou to create a prosperous new market. With the support of the governments of Beijing and Jiangxi, the Pearl City Trade City and the Pearl Town Fashion Industry Town will, with the joint efforts of all parties, become the model project for the core functions of the non-capital city in Zhangzhou, and become the highlight project in the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. It will play an active role in the economic development, commercial level improvement and employment increase in Zhangzhou.
Yang Tiemei, director of the Department of Liaison and Propaganda Department of Dahongmen Relief Office in Fengtai District, Beijing, said that it is inevitable that the clothing wholesale industry will move away from the capital. Inevitably, merchants should consider the long-term and avoid secondary relief in choosing the ground. On behalf of the Fengtai District Government, she thanked the Beijing merchants for their contributions to the capital construction over the years. She also thanked Dongsu Group for its efforts in undertaking the relief work and providing the merchants with the platform and opportunities for re-starting and re-development.
Zhou Bo, a representative of Beijing merchants, said that the Pearl City Trade City is a choice made by merchants after many field visits, comprehensive comparisons and discussions. Pearl City Trade City attracts more and more Beijing merchants and manufacturers to settle here with mature business districts, perfect supporting facilities, strength base and convenient transportation. The long-term planning of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and the development of external development will also be The business development of merchants provides a broader and more promising development platform. I believe that the future of Mingzhu Trade City will get better and better.
Finally, leaders and business representatives jointly cut the ribbon for this celebration. The chairman of the group, Yu Guiting, announced that the third anniversary of the Pearl City Trade City was grandly opened, and the Pearl Tower boutique clothing city was grandly opened. The second phase of the Pearl International Trade City officially started.
Since the launch of the work, Mingzhu Trade City, under the leadership of Chairman Guiting and the joint efforts of all staff, has received more than 40,000 Beijing merchants to visit. It has signed more than 10,000 merchants in Beijing and has officially opened for business. Yu Jia. With the continuous deepening of the work of resolving and resolving, more and more Beijing merchants came to inspect, and the influence of Mingzhu Trade City in the resolving of Beijing's garment industry chain is also growing, and various advantages are highlighted. On the occasion of the third anniversary of the opening of the Pearl City Trade City, the opening of the B boutique clothing city and the launch of the second phase of the Trade City are another fruit of the business city undertaking work, which will be positive for the overall undertaking work. Promote and promote.
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